PiPad - Calculations in Notes

PiPad - 
Calculations in Notes
  • Variables will make your calculations more convenient and understandable
  • Links to a row value allows you to use the results of intermediate calculations
  • Operations with units of measurement have never been so simple
  • The fresh exchange rates are already in the app
  • Сustom rate and units
  • Multilines Functions
  • Conditional branching for non-linear calculations
  • Formatted text
  • Fully customizable interface
  • High calculation accuracy up to 32 significant digits
  • Support OS X 10.11 - 13.0

Sleep Control Center

Keep Mac Awake
  • One Click Activation
  • Prevent System Sleep when lid closed
  • Prevent Display Sleep
  • Prevent System Sleep
  • Mouse Move Emulation
  • Manual Sleep
  • Manual Display Sleep
  • Manual Screensaver
  • Activation when plugging a power adapter
  • Activation when plugging a second display
  • Deactivation when there is insufficient battery charge
  • Deactivate by timer
  • Apple Script Support
  • Support OS X 10.11 - 13.0
RH Timer Application Icon
  • Set the timer in one touch, just take and drag.
  • If you play games or watch a serials, you will have to escape in any case, because the timer is displayed on top of other windows, even if you're in full-screen mode.
  • You can choose a suitable sound for you or set your custom sound.
  • Countdown on the icon in the Dock so that you could always see the remaining time.
  • Full-screen mode for special events and board games.
  • Support MAC OS X 10.14 - 13.0

Color Inspiration Tool

Color Name Dtector Application Icon
Elegant color inspiration tool, It detecting color names and generating palettes. Simply aim your phone's camera at the target object and you will see name of the color.
  • 10000+ colors. 12 popular color swatches.
  • Possibility to add custom palettes from a files (.aco .ase .swatches).
  • Detecting color names in real time.
  • Create colors palettes from pictures.
  • Edit colors with RGB sliders or colors presets.
  • Bookmark & Share colors.
  • Search colors by name or HEX value.
  • Support iOS 10 - 16