AntiSleep Help

Staus Bar Item


The icon in the status bar displays the current state if you see "enabled" than AntiSleep activated and your Mac will not go to sleep, but if "enabled" than AntiSleep is not active and your Mac will soon be able to sleep.

Click Action

By default, by clicking on the icon in the status bar, a menu with settings opens. But in the settings there is the ability to set to this event the switching AntiSleep state. As a result, you get one click activation without having to go to the menu. In this case, the menu can be opened by double clicking or by pressing the right mouse button.


Prevent System Sleep

This mode prevents system sleep. When display will off then the system will continue to work. But when you close the lid of your Mac Book it will switches to sleep mode.

Prevent Display Sleep

This mode prevents system and display sleep. But when you close the lid of your Mac Book it will switches to sleep mode and the display turns off.

Prevent System Sleep when lid is closed

This mode prevents the system and display sleep when the Macbook lid is opened. When you close the Macbook lid display is turn off but the system is still working. In this mode, I recommend connecting the power adapter.


Deactivate Timeout

With this option, you can set timeout, on completion of which AntiSleep will be deativated and Mac can again go to sleep. Time begins to count down when user activity disappears. After any user activity, the timer is reset.

Activate when Connect an AC Power

With this option, the application will react to plugging AC Power and activate AntiSleep.

Activate when Connect a Display

With this option, the application will react to connecting an additional screen and activate AntiSleep.

Deactivate Critical Battery Charge

This option allows you to set the critical level of battery charge. When this level is reached, AntiSleep will be deactivated and Mac can again go to sleep.

Activate at Launch

When the application starts, AntiSleep activates.

Open at Login

Automatically launches the application when you login into the system.



Switches your Mac to sleep mode

Sleep Display

Turns off the screen of your Mac. The system can continue its work.


Launches a screensaver.

Apple Script

Turn On

To activate "AntiSleep", use the command "turn on", optionally you can specify one of the following modes: system, display, lid

tell application "AntiSleep"
turn on mode display
end tell
Turn Off

"turn off" command disables "AntiSleep" and your Mac will now be able to sleep again

tell application "AntiSleep"
turn off
end tell

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